…:::Keke La Diva:::…

…:::Keke La Diva:::… started on plain, white, printer paper with solid gray pencil marks and outlining with thick, black, ink from a ball-point pen and mixtures of crayons and crayola pencils to create a color effect bringing the sketches to realism. …:::KLD:::… then joined IMVU as a curious gamer with passion for being able to control a virtual character in any form including dressing them and telling them “hey…go kiss that guy, he is really cute.” -heheh-

…:::KLD:::.. then learned of the great Content Creator Program IMVU offered for users who bought their avatar name. The program enables these users to create content and submit it to the IMVU catalog for peer review. Once it passed PR it would be virtually available to a market of over 1 million gamers who become consumers by viewing and purchasing the products which passed. Soon after learning tricks and playing around with content creating for IMVU …:::KLD:::… then came to learn the best kept seacret on IMVU, how to edit an avatar in a 2d art program such as photoshop or gimp? Yup. I have used photoshop before, but for other means, never to make clothes look so realistic or to design my homepage, or to design a web banner! This of course was exciting and inspired my creativity.

…:::KLD:::… continued chasing the passion of art and being able to control a virtual character and became a Second Life resident. Shortly after …:::KLD:::.. created a couple items and rented a spot on a very popular Urban sim. After a healthy profit markup, …:::KLD:::… opened a couple other spots and finally THE BIG BANG! The …:::KLD:::… Mainstore was opened and rolling in business.

…:::KLD:::.. continues to chase  creatively prepared art and embarked on a whole new journey of new people to meet and things to see and really cool hangout places to take your avatar. That is why this blog was started. To share, explore, learn, and remain together as a BIG GREAT BOWL OF…… CUTE!! -hahaha!!!-


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